The European Parliament wants to stop sales of internal combustion and hybrid cars.  The decision will be up to the states

The European Parliament approved on Wednesday afternoon, with 339 votes in favor, 249 votes against and 24 abstentions, a draft prepared by the European Commission that lays down strict rules on carbon dioxide emissions, so that internal combustion engines will no longer could be fitted to vehicles produced from 2035. An amendment providing for the possibility of hybrid engine sales was rejected.

“Historic vote in the European Parliament: MEPs vote to ban internal combustion engines for new vehicles in 2035”, the European Commission reacted, recalling that it had presented this proposal in July 2021, as part of the set of measures to reduce pollution.

In practice, the European Parliament would like to see the manufacture of cars equipped with petrol and diesel engines from 2035. However, the internal combustion vehicles registered until then will remain in circulation until a deadline to be determined, notes the Tagesschau website. .of.

But the European Parliament is not the only decision-making body. The Council of the European Union, in which the Member States are represented, will decide by the end of this month on the plan proposed by the European Commission and objections are likely to arise, so a new draft will have to be drawn up, approved by both the European Parliament and the European Parliament. and the Council of the European Union.

The German opposition has already criticized the initiative, noting that the European Parliament does not accept new types of environmentally friendly fuels. “The Green Party, the Liberals and the Social Democrats are unfortunately on the road to electromobility,” said German MEP Jens Gieseke of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

The objections to the electric cars refer to the long battery charging time, the lack of charging station infrastructure and the pollution generated by the batteries. Electricity has also increased, and electricity demand will increase exponentially. In this context, Germany has called for the development of environmentally friendly fuels.

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