Marcel Ciolacu says that the salary increase for dignitaries will be postponed.  "He has to tighten his belt"

PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu assured on Wednesday that the salaries of the dignitaries will not be increased now, this being the most probable decision of the governing coalition, adding that “the dignitaries must tighten their belts”.

“It is a correction (at the Chamber of Deputies – no.). I called the group leader this morning, and the group leader from PNL and the chairman of the commission also came. It’s about – all dignitaries, including mayors, are included in annex no. 9. We will certainly make the decision today in the coalition.

If the law passes the Constitutional Court, the term of application for dignitaries will be extended, otherwise the law would have been unconstitutional and would have been rejected at the CCR, because it was intervening on Annex 9. Absolutely removed everything, the Law could no longer be implemented 153 with that quarter for everyone, so it was a purely technical decision. I also wanted to know exactly why that mistake was made, I understood, and today we will leave the coalition with a decision: that the salaries for dignitaries will not be increased.

If the law is promulgated, an ordinance will be issued to extend this term “, Ciolacu declared at the Parliament Palace, according to Agerpres.

According to him, “it is a law that we must all obey.”

“I believe that we, the dignitaries, must, at this moment, tighten our belts and take part in this joint effort. The rest are laws that we have to respect, because everyone is going through a rather difficult situation “, the PSD leader motivated.

On the other hand, he considers salary and pension increases to be normal in the context of inflation and rising prices.

“Today you saw that we also increased the tickets for the private area. There are resources for this money. We have seen an increase in pensions in Germany as well. Are we all doomed to die because we don’t have a German economy? The government must find the necessary resources, first of all to see the economic growth somehow in the pockets of Romanians. (…) I am firmly convinced that we must come again with a social and economic package for the next period “, said Ciolacu.

USR attacks the project that increases public sector salaries at CCR

USR announced on Tuesday that it will attack the draft law on raising the salaries of public servants at CCR.

“The PSD-PNL-UDMR coalition is misleadingly increasing the allowances of all dignitaries, instead of urgently reducing state spending. These are increases for the President of Romania, members of the Parliament, members of the Government, the People’s Advocate, prefects and sub-prefects, etc. A simple calculation shows that the increases are between 880 lei gross per month in the case of sub-prefects and 1,410 lei gross per month in the case of the President of Romania.

The note correcting the material error for a bill (Plx 21/2022) adopted last week in the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies, read today in the plenary of the same chamber, includes, in fact, among those who benefit from the increase of allowances both the President of Romania, members of Parliament, as well as those who hold positions of appointed public dignity (members of the Government, People’s Advocate, Prefects, etc.).

«Day like thieves, hoping no one would notice. A note to correct an alleged material error brings changes with a substantial budgetary impact, especially in the context of increasing the number of secretaries of state, who were not known to the general public before, “said USR MP Cristian Seidler.

USR voted last week against the adoption of Plx 21/2022 and will attack this project at the Constitutional Court, as promised “, reads a USR communiqué.

The Chamber of Deputies adopted, on 31 May, as a decision-making chamber, increasing the salaries of public employees from July 1 with a quarter of the salary difference provided by the Unitary Salary Law 153/2017 for the year 2022 and those from December 2021.

The PSD leader said that the adopted projects regarding the salary increases do not represent “an alms”, mentioning that in this way a “right” is granted to the employees.

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