Jurma: We have confirmed in Romania the first 3 cases of infection with the BA.5 version of the Omicron variant

“We have confirmed in Romania the first 3 cases of infection with the BA.5 version of the Omicron variant. Gaining dominance over BA2 is only a matter of time now. Here that although we made the political decision to end the pandemic, the pandemic did not make the decision to end humanity in general and Romania in particular “, wrote on Wednesday evening, on Facebook, the doctor Octavian Jurma.

According to it, in March, the WHO introduced a new VOC-LUM category (VOC branches under monitoring). In just a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has produced dozens of new variants.

He says that BA.5 is the most infectious of the 3 versions (BA4, BA5 and BA2.12.1) that compete for supremacy in wave 6.

“It is quite likely that the autumn wave was produced by one of these variants or even by a combination of them, as was the case with wave 5 (in which we had BA1 and BA2 in rapid succession). Immunity to BA4 and BA5 after infection with previous versions is very low. Even immune evasion after vaccination is much higher than that of BA1 and BA2. This means that the unvaccinated population will be very vulnerable to infection and everything will depend in the 6th wave on how severe the disease will be “, the doctor wrote on Facebook.

He also says that BA5 and BA4 are infectious enough to produce an early onset of wave 6 in summer.

“We can now consider that the complete vaccination schedule is the one with 3 doses (two doses + booster) so it is imperative to make your booster (3rd dose) if you have not already done so. Dose 4 can wait until August precisely because its effect will be shorter and in addition we may have a dedicated Omicron booster until then. However, we do not know if it will be ordered by Romania, which is trying to get rid of the vaccine contract in an absurd way, even if the pandemic is not over. I maintain the same recommendation that you do not travel abroad last year unless you are vaccinated, as you risk ruining your doctors’ vacation there. In Romania, doctors are ignored and it is much less likely that someone with public health measures will bother you, so Romania is the friendliest holiday destination in Europe for the unvaccinated “, added Octavian Jurma.

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