InfoCons study: 40% of young people intentionally buy counterfeit products.  Why do Romanians opt for these goods

About 40% of young people in Romania intentionally bought a counterfeit product, and 14% voluntarily accessed pirated content, according to a study conducted on February 7-28, published by InfoCons.

According to the same study, 61% of young Romanians prefer to access digital content from legitimate sources, compared to the average of 60% in Europe, compared to 50% in 2019.

Among the factors that underlie the purchase of counterfeit products and access to pirated content are: price, availability, social influence.

Regarding the factors that discourage this behavior, there are: cyber threats, cyber fraud, environmental impact.

The Intellectual Property Office of the European Union, in which InfoCons represents Romania in the Group dedicated to Civil Societies, launches the third edition of the project “Intellectual Property and Youth Scoreboard”, offering an update on the perception and behavior of young people regarding intellectual property infringement in the post-pandemic context.

The project carried out a study between 7 and 28 February 2022, in which 22,021 young people aged between 15 and 24 from the 27 EU Member States participated.

“The third edition of the Intellectual Property and Youth Scoreboard, published during the European Year of Youth, confirms the trends identified in previous editions, providing more in-depth insights into perceptions and young people’s attitudes. At a time when online commerce and digital consumption have increased significantly, the growth of voluntary and involuntary purchases of counterfeit goods is worrying. In terms of piracy, it does not decrease, even if young consumers increasingly prefer content from legitimate sources. This new analysis provides a valuable tool for stakeholders, policy makers, and educators and civil society organizations in shaping awareness initiatives to support the informed choices of our young citizens and consumers, “said EUIPO Executive Director Christian Archambeau.

Publisher: AP

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