GOLD leadership: George Simion's allegations of "fornication parties" are "unfounded"

Claudiu Târziu, the leader of the AUR parliamentary group in the Senate, considers the accusations of some AUR parliamentarians as “extremely serious, criminal, but unfounded” and states that they could be brought to justice if they did not enjoy the immunity granted by the Parliament .

“It’s very ugly and it’s unfortunate when the separations are caused by mudslinging and absolutely baseless accusations. None of those who launched all kinds of aberrations in the public space could produce a proof of the statements he made. And some of the statements were extremely serious, curling the criminal. Their fortunes, at least those in Parliament, are protected by parliamentary immunity from political statements, otherwise they could be brought to justice because they have done us great harm. Not to George (no Simion) as a person, but to the whole party, “he told a news conference at the Palace of Parliament late Wednesday, when asked how he was commenting on the dismemberment of the House of Representatives group and the accusations leveled against AUR leader George Simion. for undemocratic practices.

He later added that AUR remains united, noting that in addition to those who have left, there are a few who should leave the party before being fired.

“Don’t be afraid, while other parties are breaking up, splitting up, splitting into a hundred other formations, AUR remains united, and the few who left had to leave. I still know a few who should leave and would do well to leave before they are fired, so as not to feed all sorts of rumors and filth, “Târziu pointed out.

According to him, those dissatisfied with the party could do justice by resorting to the procedures provided in the AUR statute, not to go public and to damage the party’s image, Agerpres also notes.

“There is a way to seek justice through the procedures provided in the party’s statute, I could have been appealed, the honorary jury could have been notified, our Code of Ethics and Integrity could have been invoked. There are many remedies to the public attack that some of our former colleagues have unfortunately committed. Their outbursts say more about them than about us, despite what they imagine. How could you stay in such a place where such great things happen? And, isn’t it true, whoever resembles himself gathers, it means that you are, in a way, of the same audacity, if you paint me so ugly “, concluded Târziu.

Editor: Liviu Cojan

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