Ciolacu: Iulian Iancu is the PSD's proposal to become a member of ANRE.  I don't know if he worked for a foreign state

PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu, president of the Chamber of Deputies, said on Wednesday that former MP Iulian Iancu, who was validated in Parliament for a non-executive position at ANRE, is an “energy specialist” and does not know “whether worked or is working for a foreign state “

“Iulian Iancu is the PSD’s proposal for a non-executive member position at ANRE. She is supported by me, considering that she is a specialist in the field.

I do not know at this time that there is a problem with Mr. Iulian Iancu, that he worked or that he works for a foreign state. He is an energy specialist “, said Marcel Ciolacu, asked by reporters about what President Klaus Iohannis said in August 2019, namely that Iulian Iancu” endangers “Romania’s strategic partnerships, at the time of his proposal as Deputy Prime Minister.

Iulian Iancu, former PSD deputy, validated by the parliamentary commissions as a member of the ANRE Regulatory Committee

Former deputy Iulian Iancu was validated, on Wednesday, by the specialized parliamentary commissions for the position of member in the ANRE Regulatory Committee.

There were 27 votes in favor of Iulian Iancu’s candidacy, proposed by PSD for this position. There were 6 votes against, according to Agerpres.

Iulian Iancu’s candidacy is to be submitted to the vote of the reunited plenary of the Parliament.

The specialized commissions rejected the other candidacies submitted for this position. Thus, Florin Munteanu, proposed by USR, obtained 28 votes “against” and 6 votes “for”, Scarlat Iriza – 27 votes “against” and 6 abstentions and Florin Victorel Rădoi – 28 votes “against” and 10 abstentions.

On May 3, the Parliament decided to vacate a position in the Regulatory Committee of the National Energy Regulatory Authority, following the resignation of Alexandru Stănescu.

On March 3, Stanescu announced that he was resigning, on the grounds that he wanted to dedicate himself to projects that required his “full” involvement.

Subsequently, on March 16, the Romanian Constitutional Court ruled, after being notified by the USR, that the appointment of Alexandru Stănescu as a member of the ANRE Regulatory Committee was unconstitutional.

Alexandru Stănescu, the brother of the PSD general secretary, Paul Stănescu, had been proposed by the Social Democrats as a member of this committee.

Editor: Alexandru Costea

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