Charlie Ottley wants to help the children who stole his drone: "They are the real victims, their father is in prison"

Charlie Ottley, the director of the documentary series Wild Carpathia and Flavors of Romania, recovered his equipment that was stolen from him the other day in Timișoara, including the drone, which was found in Bacău. The suspects are three children whom the British journalist wants to help and who he says are “the real victims in this story”.

“It seems to be working. “First of all, we are not the victims. The real victims are the children who stole the drone,” said the British journalist.

Also, the director of the documentaries stated that he wants to help the children who robbed him in Timisoara. Ottley says they are not to blame, but “parents, society” and deserve “a good chance at education.”

“The real victims are them, the children. They should have been in bed, they should have slept and gone to school the next day. They have disappointed their parents, society. They are children, whether they are Roma or Romanian citizens, it is worth it. A chance at education, and parents need rehabilitation to give their children a new chance, otherwise we will perpetuate this cycle of crime.I take this opportunity to tell people that we are lucky to help these children. “We don’t want them to be punished in any way, because it’s not their fault. We’d like to give them a chance to visit us when we’re filming Flavors of Romania here. , to teach them to film and give them a start, hoping that we will encourage them and inspire them not to make the mistakes of their parents. As far as I understand, their father is in prison, “said Charlie Ottley.

Charlie Ottley: I want to raise money for a room for them and find a job for my mother

The journalist also said that he wants to get involved in finding a job for the children’s mother, so that they can no longer live on the streets, and called for the general support of children in vulnerable situations.

“There are thousands of families like these children all over the country. There are children begging in peace, in front of supermarkets and we disappoint them, we as a country disappoint them. Everyone deserves a chance. Because they are Roma, there is a lot of xenophobia when it comes to It’s about them, or at least that’s what I’ve come across, and often the problem is ignored. See, I want to raise money to buy them a room, and we want to find a job for their mother so that she doesn’t have to live on the streets because her husband is in prison and her children commit crimes to support their families. “That shouldn’t happen in a European country,” Charlie Ottley said.

The director of Wild Carpathia and Flavors of Romania was robbed in the center of Timisoara while filming a documentary. The British journalist was robbed of his bag containing several pieces of equipment, including a drone. The thieves are three children – two boys and a girl, aged between 10 and 14. The three minors were interrogated by the police, accompanied by their mother.

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