Former Kurdish fighter becomes Swedish MP prevents Stockholm government resign

The Swedish government avoided a major political crisis on Tuesday with the failure of a censure motion in parliament, thanks to the decisive vote of a pro-Kurdish MP who opposes granting concessions to Turkey to unblock Sweden’s NATO bid, AFP reports.

The motion of censure, which targeted Interior and Justice Minister Morgan Johansson but risked provoking the resignation of Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, fell by a margin of one vote.

The far right and right-wing parties garnered 174 votes out of 289, as they needed an absolute majority of 175 to pass the motion, according to Agerpres.

Independent MP Amineh Kakabaveh, a former fighter in an Iranian Kurdish group and a Swedish MP since 2008, announced on Tuesday morning that she would not vote with the opposition, after negotiations with the Social Democratic government all weekend.

“I am satisfied,” she said Tuesday morning, just hours before the vote.

Amineh Kakabaveh, a radical leftist, had threatened to vote against the minister if he did not receive assurances about Sweden’s complicated negotiations with Turkey over NATO.

“Should we limit our freedom of expression and expression to Erdogan’s demands?” She asked in parliament.

“I have been described in the newspapers as representing the Kurdish interests rather than the Swedish ones, but it is the Swedish sovereignty that concerns me,” she added.

Turkey is blocking Sweden and Finland from joining NATO, especially accusing Stockholm of supporting Kurdish groups that Ankara considers terrorist, such as YPG fighters in Syria.

In November 2021, Amineh Kakabaveh had the casting vote for the inauguration of Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, after obtaining a statement of support for the YPG from the Social Democrats.

On Tuesday, the party confirmed that the agreement, which runs counter to Ankara’s demands to cut off Swedish support for the YPG, is still in force.

When Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said they were “terrorists sitting in the parliaments of certain countries” to justify their objections to Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO, Swedish opposition MP Amineh Kakabaveh had no doubt that she was referring to she.

The no-confidence motion came three months before the September 11th election, in which the right is ready for the first time to govern with the support of the far right.

However, the Social Democrats have clearly risen in the polls after Magdalena Andersson came to power in place of the resigning Prime Minister Stefan Lofven.

Magdalena Andersson had announced she would step down if the motion against Minister Morgan Johansson passed.

The opposition blames him for failing to fight the rise of mafia gangs in Swedish society, which has sparked a wave of settlements and deadly armed attacks.

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