Demonstration of force with invisible planes in the sky of South Korea.  US warns Pyongyang over nuclear test

Seoul and Washington on Tuesday demonstrated a showdown with dozens of fighter jets in the skies over South Korea, including invisible F-35As, during the official visit of US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, who said that the US will provide a strong and clear answer against North Korea if it does a nuclear test, informs Reuters.

The showdown, which included 20 aircraft, including invisible F-35A fighter jets, came a day after the two allies launched eight ground-to-ground missiles off the east coast of South Korea in response to the dam. of short-range ballistic missiles launched by North Korea on Sunday.

“South Korea and the United States have demonstrated their strong ability and determination to respond quickly and accurately to any challenge from North Korea,” the South Korean military said, adding that the Allies are closely monitoring and preparing for any action. challenge from Pyongyang.

The South Korean sky show of strength included 20 aircraft, including invisible F-35A fighter jets. Photo: Profimedia Images

The statement came hours after Sherman met with her South Korean counterpart Cho Hyun-dong in Seoul to discuss North Korea. The isolated Asian state has been conducting a series of missile tests recently, and some analysts believe it is preparing to resume testing nuclear weapons after a five-year hiatus.

The US promises a “quick and strong response” to a North Korean nuclear test

“Any nuclear test would be a complete violation of UN Security Council resolutions, and there will be a swift and strong response to such a test,” Sherman told a news conference after his meeting with the South Korean official. “I believe that not only the Republic of Korea, the United States and Japan, but everyone, will respond in a strong and clear manner.”

Wendy Sherman Cho Hyun-dong USA South Korea
Wendy Sherman, the United States Deputy Secretary of State, met with her South Korean counterpart Cho Hyun-dong in Seoul to discuss North Korea. Photo: Profimedia Images

Authorities and experts have been warning for weeks that there are new indications that Pyongyang has resumed operations in Punggye, the only place in North Korea where nuclear tests are known to take place.

“It simply came to our notice then [liderul nord-coreean] “Kim Jong Un will focus on helping his people cope with Covid-19, a challenge we have all faced, and will return to the negotiating table instead of talking about dangerous and destabilizing challenges and actions,” he said. Sherman.

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