COMMENTARY Marius Oprea / “What the hell are we doing in this country !?”

COMMENTARY Marius Oprea / "What the hell are we doing in this country !?"

Iohannis acknowledged: “Big Brother” projects are real

The drafts of national security laws, drafted in great secrecy, even now we do not know by whom, have finally been taken over by someone – Iohannis. It is a radical deviation, a total divorce from the president of the past, the one with the red jacket, from the street, of the “resistanceists”. First, he brought the PSD to power, now he hands over the country to the new Securitate.

Unwittingly, Klaus Iohannis showed us, by supporting the new “security laws”, that he thinks like a typical communist. Moreover, that he has all his reflexes: when he is somehow contradicted, or feels that his throne is shaking, he appeals to the Security. “Services”, new style.

Through the package of the new “laws of national security”, Iohannis brings Romania back to the mercy of the behavior and hacks of several thousand Gods, endowed with “technique” and the advantages conferred by law, with “covered companies” and money, no one knows how many, to spy , he submits to blackmail and in the end even condemns, under the pretext offered by the broad mantle of “national security”. Whoever falls, in the name and for the defense of the “regime”, again confused with the “homeland”. This obviously reopens the path to dictatorship.

Of course, this can also be considered as an answer according to the almost 60% of Romanians, who, as they have recently expressed themselves, want an authoritarian regime. But when they think about it, the respondents think of someone who can put things in order, in the bustle of the national robbery and in the sarabande of price increases. The answer to the question is not one that betrays a sincere choice, but rather expresses a sense of exasperation. For no one, in other words, wants to return under the heel of the Securitate. She should be afraid to speak. Think twice before opening your mouth and then think it’s best to shut up and swallow anyway. Anything.

The resurgence of the Securitate is nothing more than authoritarianism, and certainly no one wants it except the few who imagine themselves pressing on its pedal. Unbeknownst to him, the Securitate is devouring its commanders. It proves what happened to most of the Soviet leaders, what happened to the commanders of the Stalinist NKVD and the KGB themselves for a long time, or, what happened, closer to us – to the Romanians: of the two communist leaders Dej and Ceausescu, who trusted the Securitate, one died of radiation, the other was shot. Or, what happened to Basescu, who, when he was no longer in power, was portrayed as what he really was: “Petrov.”

It seems that with the president we met with twice, without knowing too well what we were voting for (compared to Ponta or Dăncilă, whatever seemed better), we put a heavier burden on our backs than the two in one place: Iohannis is a president who, like a communist, relies on the Securitate to protect him from the people. But he does not know that this will only happen as long as the “apparatus” he now wields with full force feels strong. When he feels the first sign of weakness, he immediately devours it. This is exactly what happened to Băsescu, but Iohannis is too blind, too naive and manipulated to realize this.

Iohannis is about to fall into a great trap and drag us all, after him: to hand over the land to the Securitate, whose rebirth “gives birth” to it without any shock. This is because he himself, Klaus Iohannis, as a person, I do not think had in his life, in the depths of his being, other reflections than the communist ones. Our president fits perfectly, by his reaction to the fact that he “found out” about the package of laws on national security, which he was secretly preparing, in the portrait of the hypocrite, identified by Andrei Pleşu in “Minima moralia”, by the person who ” confuses morality with discretion “, the person for whom” not the reprehensible act is shameful, but its eventual publicity “.

The secret services are making their own laws under the wing of the president

Let’s just say I don’t mind Iohannis being naive or hypocritical. But it’s more than that. In this case, it is something more serious – the fact that the new secret services, built on the ruins of the Securitate, are making their own laws under the wing of President Iohannis, climbing on the back of the citizen. Immanently bureaucratic and conservative structures, “services” far outweigh the real need to protect national security in their aspirations for power. The consequences of this fact are not to be neglected: it means the preservation of power also in the hands of the old communist communist elite, this time through its “heirs”, not necessarily genetically, but from the same field of mentalities.

Explaining the psychological dominance of the communist elite, the Polish political scientist Piotr Wierzbicki pointed out that “sacred, superior, surreal, suprapersonal entities cannot be the object of a feeling as common as curiosity.” The people are no longer allowed to be curious. Not even in the face of such important laws that concern the nation as those of its security. And the “secrecy” of a society is the first premise of the dictatorship. Not necessarily of a person, but of a clan, camouflaged, grouped behind a leader.

This “secrecy” has already had dramatic consequences. After 1989, the new neo-communist power passed unhindered to the “privatization of communism”, the acquisition of economic power in Romania by transition, which gradually structured an inefficient, corrupt political class, frozen in a clientelistic system and lacking long-term vision and projection. . In fact, a kind of “pluralism within the Front” was realized, the dream expressed publicly (inadvertently) by the main leader of Romania for over a decade, Ion Iliescu. Which works to this day. Iliescu’s dream is to govern.

The “fetishization” of the traumatic experience that the Romanian people went through between 1945 and 1989, during communism, has had serious consequences for too many years: under the pressure of the transition, more and more people look back not only carelessly but with a declaimed nostalgia sometimes vehemently. The unnecessary secrecy of a society, of its close and sad history, has proved, as can be seen now, by what “services” do, under the guise of President Klaus Iohannis, a premise of restoration, having detrimental effects on the collective mind. The price of failure in the attempt and legitimate desire to properly assess the impact on the nation of communism, a failure that was caused, after 1989, by the group interests of the political elite of the Iliescu regime, and now of indifference and bureaucracy, has doubled. now, as a result of Iohannis’ unconsciousness and presidential selfishness. The “laws of national security” will in fact be paid at a very high price, by the whole nation, and in the long run.

The lack of landmarks has led to the passing of a recent episode, prior to these “laws”: the re-closure, secrecy of the archives of the former communist party, by “two and a quarter”, one of the secret services Ministry of the Interior), built on the ruins of the Securitate. Epsod that shows how accentuated our historical amnesia is. The symbols and landmarks of communism, demolished with the statue of Lenin, have not been replaced by anything capable of supporting the social body, divided by the political manipulations of the Securitate’s heirs. And they are now taking full advantage of this vacuum.

The base of the statue of Lenin remained empty for a quarter of a century, until it was replaced by the Wings monument, dedicated to former political prisoners. Against the background, in as many years as a whole mature generation, the gray emptiness of the House of Spark, the former Ministry of Truth, illustrated this transition, in which amnesia, from the political will of Ceausescu’s heirs, entered the social body. giving birth to a free nation, but without roots. And as a result, easy to “graft” with anything. Even with a new Securitate, re-established by a German physics teacher.

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