COMMENT Sorin Avram: The press asks, President Iohannis does not answer.  The President orders: The Government to answer!

Abandoned by the majority of supporters who applauded his outings in the red jacket under which he could see his brass chest with which he defended the rule of law against the attack of the Red Plague and collapsed in opinion polls, the rich Klaus Iohannis struggles to get closer to retirees. Poor, but many. Trying to get along with the millions of people who spend their days today and tomorrow, and God willing, the day after tomorrow, the President of Romania shed a crocodile tear on their shoulders, saying: “In the conditions of inflation, we have Rising energy prices, fuel prices and everywhere, it is clear that retirees need to have a minimum increase in pensions. It is immoral and incorrect for the price of crises to be paid only by retirees. ” Well done, Mr. President, you’ve said it before!

The biggest fan of his government, Mr. Iohannis, never misses an opportunity to praise him and express his belief that he has the best solutions to the most complicated situations: “I am convinced that the government will come up with a serious plan that addresses frontally this issue ”.

Speaking of His Government, it is hard to believe that it will address the issue head on. How to do it, if his de facto boss, Mr. Iohannis, did not address one of the questions asked by the press. The remarks made by the President of Romania are part of the answer he gave when asked if he supports a renegotiation of the PNRR on pensions and whether the Government should take all measures to increase pensions, including this year. Only the second part of the question was addressed head on, with the President stating that “pensioners have no chance of intervening like someone else who is in full force” and adding that “pensioners are in what they receive, their pension, and it seems to me it is reasonable that the level of this pension should be adapted to this situation ”. So, yes, the government needs to increase pensions, the president ordered. When this will happen, how much and how much money, Klaus Iohannnis did not say.
On the other hand, in the first part of the question, the one with the PNRR renegotiation, Mr. Iohannis was not at all frontal in the approach. He should have said “yes” or “yes.” Wasn’t the president praised by all the propaganda apparatus put in his service because he would have negotiated billions of euros for Romania in Brussels? The president did not order an increase in the production of barrels to store milk and honey, and the ministries, county councils and town halls were not forced to empty their cellars of unnecessary things to make room for the bags of money that were to be stored. arrive?

Klaus Iohannis was in Brussels for the PNRR’s money-sharing talks because I saw him on TV keeping quiet in the company of heads of state and government. So, the answer to the question “was it or wasn’t it?” we have it. However, we do not know the one on the question “did he negotiate or did he not negotiate?” Did he negotiate or just sit back, look and go home with what he was promised? And if he has not negotiated anything, then how can he allow Mr Iohannis to wear the clothes of the president of the seventh country as the number of people in the European Union and ask those in Brussels to accept the renegotiation of the PNRR sums?

But we must not worry, because the head of his Government so competent, Nicolae Ciuca, will wear the clothes of the prime minister of the seventh country as the number of inhabitants in the European Union and he will put things right. Only one point, not three suspension points.

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