AUR leader resigns from the party: Simion organized parties where pre-fornication was committed

The former president of the AUR Satu Mare organization, Iulian Câcău, announced on Tuesday that he is resigning from George Simion’s party. In a post on his Facebook page, Câcău launched serious accusations against the AUR leader, about whom he says, among other things, that he organized “parties at which acts of fornication were committed” although, for the sake of the electorate, Simion declares “Christian-family”.

The former member from Satu Mare announced his resignation, specifying that Simion would have organized parties with acts of fornication, although, for the sake of the electorate, he poses as a Christian family man.

Moreover, Câcău added that Simion’s goal was to establish a dictatorship in the Alliance for the Union of Romanians.

Cacău explained in detail the reasons behind his decision and says of the leader George Simion that he is a “Pharisee”, “dictator” and “vulgar”.

The full message posted by Iulian Câcău:


GOLD no longer has the shine it once had!

Dear colleagues, friends and critics, today I am NO longer a member of the GOLD party, I delimit myself from everything that this party means, the policy it pursues and the actions it initiates.

I was with this cause from the beginning, when many of those who will probably criticize me were on the sidelines and waiting to see if this party reaches the 5% threshold or not …

In addition to the candidacies I assumed in this party (there were no candidates, no one believed in this project) I also initiated protests, actions in which I was often jumped by the authorities, I was sanctioned, but no we did not even receive moral support from our colleagues in Bucharest, not to mention the fact that we did not even receive legal support to challenge those fines and abuses at the same time.

After this party became a parliamentary party, the steakmen appeared, whom I did NOT accept in the organization I led, politically expired characters, people who, both professionally and personally, did not prove anything! They made frequent visits through George Simion’s office, promised the sea with salt, and George sent them to me and imposed them on me (I have evidence of recordings, conversations, even not very orthodox proposals). Of course, already what I had discussed with Simion in 2019, with what was happening in the fall of 2021 was totally different. Colleagues from AUR Satu Mare, know best what both I and each of them went through, what characters imposed themselves from the center and what violent behavior, at the same time vulgar language George Simion displays in particular, when you do not he wants (that is, to accept the people he imposes on the organization).

I believed in this project as something else, but I found that in all branches in the country there were the same problems, NEW policy with OLD people!

There are still beautiful people in this party, that’s why I refrain from naming them all the same as the leader, people who still believe and ask him to look left and right, until it’s too late.
People want facts not SMOKE! Romanians are fed up with words and scandals, Romanians have taxes to pay and 40% more expensive fuels, Romanian entrepreneurs are subjugated (I submitted bills to parliamentary colleagues, good maybe even life-saving for Romanian entrepreneurs, but they had something more important to do) !

The pharisaism that this leader practices is downright grotesque, to use the image of the Christian churches, and you to organize the party congress on Sunday during the Holy Mass, to initiate actions and protests on Sunday when people are called to prayer, to organize parties to which acts of fornication have been committed and to call yourself a Christian-family member is totally out of place!

That is why my dear ones, being disappointed by everything that this leader delivered, from which I expected at least to have the 7 years at home, I decided not to be part of this dictatorial project that he leads! God be with us all! ”, Wrote the former AUR member on his Facebook page.

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