A deputy leaves USR and joins PNL.  "I can't stay in a political construction without a strategy and a vision for the future"

Deputy Oana Ozmen announced that she is leaving the USR and joining the PNL. The politician writes that “I cannot remain in a political construction without a strategy and a vision for the future”.

MP Oana Ozmen leaves USR and joins the parliamentary group of the National Liberal Party, according to a PNL press release.

“Today I decided to leave USR and I assure my colleagues that I represented them with honor at the highest level.

We have shown that constructive opposition can be made and we have shown that politics means balance, dialogue, respect for the political opponent, and the argument must be the central element in supporting the political opinion.

I strongly believe that we can make quality politics in Romania, in which the art of negotiation, diplomacy are the attributes of the Romanian politician in his capacity as a representative of the citizens.

I have strengthened relations with other parliamentarians regardless of political color and I have assumed to be a factor of cohesion and stability.

In these two years of parliamentary activity, I dealt with the topic of building energy efficiency and nZEB standards and I managed, following the conferences organized in Parliament, to register a legislative project to amend the legislation in this field. The ongoing dialogue with Government representatives, industry experts and colleagues in the Committee on Industries and Services, regardless of political color, has made it possible to promote this extremely important issue in the context of the current energy crisis.

Unfortunately, they cannot remain in a political construction without a strategy and a vision for the future, which is facing a crisis generated by the lack of a constructive dialogue between the party leadership and its members.

I assure you that you will always find in me a supporter of the good projects you will promote, because the role of each of us is to make Romania a strong voice among European countries.

I consider that my place is now in the PNL, a party in which I find myself, which shares the true liberal, right-wing principles.

Last year, I participated in the invitation of my PNL colleagues to the exhibition in the Parliament that pays homage to the 200th anniversary of Ion’s birth. C. Brătianu, a prominent figure in our history and one of the most influential politicians of his time.

The great politician said: “One party can fight against others to bring down a state of affairs, but in order to build the whole nation, all parties must give their support; otherwise, what some will build, others will collapse ».

As a result, I chose to join colleagues in the National Liberal Party for whom the citizen was a priority, whether in power or in opposition.

The state reform is done by assuming the governing act and with the professionals in the field, including in politics “, Oana Marciana Özmen wrote on Facebook.

Oana Ozmen entered politics in July 2016. Basically, she is a lawyer, specializing in commercial law, insolvency and business consulting.

Editor: Alexandru Costea

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