41 people died and more than 300 were injured due to mislabeling.  Scandal after the Bangladesh fire

The fire in Bangladesh, which broke out three days ago and is still extinguished, in which 41 people died and hundreds are injured or missing, has been amplified due to mislabeled chemicals.

Bangladeshi officials have accused the owner of the container depot where the tragedy took place of not storing the chemicals safely, writes BBC.

41 people died in the fire, nine of them firefighters.

Officials said the hydrogen peroxide containers were incorrectly labeled – and firefighters extinguished the flames with water instead of foam. The owner of the warehouse has not yet commented on the allegations.

41 dead and hundreds injured in a large-scale fire at a container depot in Bangladesh. Photo: Profimedia Images

On Monday, officials reviewed the initial death toll from 49 to 41, saying some bodies had been counted twice. Hundreds of people have been injured or are still missing after the tragedy at the Sitakunda landfill, and authorities expect the death toll to rise. Of the 300 injured, 12 are in critical condition.

Purnachandra Mutsuddi, deputy director of the local fire service, said that because the substances were mislabeled, they intervened with water, not foam, which set off a loud explosion.

After three days, the fire has not been extinguished, but it is under control. Local police chief Abul Kalam Azad said an investigation had been launched into the cause of the fire.

People waiting for news of the missing went to the local hospital in Chittagong, some with photos of their loved ones. Among them was a woman waiting for DNA testing to identify the remains of her son, who was a truck driver. “His father just died last year, now I’ve lost my son,” she told the BBC. “He parked his truck and went to dinner, to the canteen. The canteen caught fire and my son was stuck there.”

fire It was announced on Saturday at 21:30 local time (15:30 GMT) at the container depot in Sitakunda, an administrative center located about 40 kilometers from the large port of Chittagong in the south of the country.

According to firefighters, while hundreds of people were trying to put out the fire an hour after the fire broke out, several containers of chemicals exploded, killing and injuring many rescuers.

The blast shook buildings a few miles away.

The warehouse contained several million dollars worth of clothing to be exported to Western retailers, Mominur Rahman, Chittagong district chief executive, told French news agency.

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