The MFA is accelerating the support of Romanian citizens abroad through mobile consulates

The MFA is accelerating the support of Romanian citizens abroad through mobile consulates

The MFA continues to accelerate its efforts to support Romanian citizens abroad through the organization of mobile (mobile) consulates.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs that, between January 1 and May 31, 2022, 66 itinerant (mobile) consulates were organized out of a total of 154 such itinerant (mobile) actions for the provision of consular services for Romanian citizens scheduled for 2022, in which 17,186 consular services were processed. At this time, the number of itinerant consulates organized in 2021 has already been exceeded, respectively 64 itinerant consulates, in which approximately 15,000 consular services have been processed.

The MFA states that this type of consular approach supports the Romanian communities abroad, especially in the context in which, in a short period of time, an increasing number of consular services are provided, being extended as well. , the list of localities with Romanian beneficiary communities.

Thus, for example, the MFA informs that during May this year, during the trips to Preston and Wirral, the consular officials of the Consulate General of Romania in Edinburgh performed 1,205 consular services for Romanian citizens, a record number so far for such itinerant consulates (mobile). Also, a mobile consular team of the Consulate General of Romania in Rome traveled to Perugia, where more than 500 consular services were processed, while in the itinerant (mobile) consulate that the Consulate General of Romania in Los Angeles organized in Seattle and Portland, more than 300 consular services were provided to Romanians in Washington and Oregon.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds that the procedure for organizing itinerant (mobile) consulates, revised and improved in 2021, at the initiative of Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu, is a relevant element for strengthening the dialogue between Romania’s diplomatic missions and consular offices with members of Romanian communities abroad. namely to consult them at the beginning of each year on the planning of itinerant (mobile) consulates for the current year.

Thus, Romanian citizens have the opportunity to learn about the organization of traveling consulates and can make proposals and suggestions to consular representatives, which are taken into account to make these activities as efficient and useful as possible for members of Romanian communities.

By extending the practice of organizing itinerant (mobile) consulates, the MFA aims to respond as efficiently as possible to the expectations of Romanian citizens abroad, from large communities or at a great distance from the headquarters of Romanian diplomatic missions and consular offices, facilitating, thus, the access of Romanian citizens to consular assistance and services, provided in conditions similar to those in the usual workspaces of the permanent consular offices.

The indicative calendar of the organization of itinerant (mobile) consulates for the period until the end of the year can be consulted at the internet address:

Additional Information

Itinerant consulate (mobile) is an occasional activity that involves moving a mobile consular team to a locality where there is a Romanian community, located at a distance from a permanent consular office, in order to provide consular services requested by community members respectively.

The mobile consular teams consist of consuls and consular officers of the diplomatic mission or consular post who organize this activity and are equipped with the necessary technical equipment to take over and process the consular services on a physical basis. Within these itinerant (mobile) consulates, a very varied range of consular services can be processed, such as notarial deeds, travel and civil status documents, obtaining documents from Romania and others.

During 2021, 64 mobile (mobile) consulates were held, in which approximately 15,000 consular services were processed, being performed 7 times more consular services than in the 21 mobile consulates (mobile). ) carried out during 2020.

Editor: Liviu Cojan

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