Special Operations Officer, Detained for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and False in False Statements

A policeman from the Brasov Special Operations Brigade was detained for 24 hours on Monday, being investigated in a criminal case for driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

According to a communiqué sent by the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Braşov Tribunal, the policeman, Dorin Iulian Aitean, was found, on the night of May 29-30, by the traffic policemen, on the county road connecting Braşov with Sânpetru commune, under the influence of alcohol. steering wheel.

At that moment, the policeman refused the test with the alcohol test device, so he was taken to the Brasov County Hospital where biological samples were taken to establish his blood alcohol level, the toxicological analysis bulletin revealing an alcohol level of 1.04 g / l for the first sample and 0.95 g / l for the second.

According to the quoted source, although he was informed that he no longer has the right to drive on public roads until the completion of the criminal case and he signed a report in this regard, in the next two days, the policeman drove the car again, being captured by video surveillance cameras located on public roads in Brasov and around the city.

In the case, prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Brasov Tribunal, with the support of police officers from IPJ Brasov – Criminal Investigation Service and Brasov County Anticorruption Service, conducted two searches, one at home and the other at a public institution.

“Investigations also showed that the defendant was hired between July 5, 2019 – October 3, 2019 at a company in the position of ‘legislative harmonization advisor’, earning a total amount of 5,829 lei. However, these incomes were not declared by the defendant on the occasion of completing the declaration of assets on April 28, 2020, in the income section he mentioning only those collected from IPJ Braşov ”, it is shown in the quoted communiqué.

Thus, Doru Aitean is being investigated for committing the offenses of driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, driving a vehicle without a continuous driving license and false statements, the source was quoted as saying by Agerpres.

When documenting the crimes against traffic safety on public roads, the prosecutors benefited from the support of the traffic police bodies within IPJ Braşov-Serviciul Rutier.

Editor: Liviu Cojan

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