How is the census of the population in the country, with field operators.  The question that puts people in the greatest difficulty

The face-to-face census has begun. After a logistical delay of one week, Romanians who did not self-review online are visited by reviewers. Interviews are always stuck on questions about the surface of the house and the year they built it. However, many people take advantage of the moment and seek to find out from the reviewers answers to the problems they have been facing for years in relation to the mayor’s office.

Vărăști commune, Giurgiu county. Half an hour by car away from Bucharest and a little over 7,000 locals in documents. By May 27, about 30% had self-reviewed online. The rest are waiting to be helped by reviewers.

We meet, at a gate, two older women:

“We’re waiting,” said one of them, referring to the reviewers.

– Hard on the internet?

– Aaaa …. Us and the internet? says the woman.

“She called me and … I don’t know who,” added the other countrywoman.

– So no chance on the internet.

– Not us … That’s right (he makes a cross with his index fingers) … When we put our hands on our chests. Where from… ? We and the internet …

– But do you have internet at home?

– Where from?

– Here’s the internet! says the other woman, nodding. I live in the other valley. I see a child here.

“So you’re waiting for the reviewers to come?”

– Yes!

Face-to-face census. What do the operators ask?

Four reviewers, employees of the City Hall, deal with the people of Vărăști. They divided their areas and took it from door to door.

Digi24 also obtained the consent of a reviewer with the consent of the surveyed citizens and, except for the filming and publication of the personal data provided, we show you how the discussions proceed. In the country, reviewers and ordinary people know each other, so the interview is quick and hassle-free.

Iulia Bălan is an inspector and is one of the reviewers from Vărăști. “Armed” with a tablet, she starts her work from house to house.

– Cristina! she shouted at a gate.

– Yes! Hello!

– Hello! With the census, I’m bothering you! Did you succeed, did you self-review? I don’t think so.

– Not! Because we don’t use the internet much, says the woman, even though she’s not old.

“Tell me how many rooms you have.”

– Four!

– Living space?

– This I do not know…

“Think about it!”

– I have no idea. I think … I don’t know what surface to cross. 100 … I don’t know …

Iulia Bălan continues her journey and moves to another house, where she asks the tenants:

– Do we have a kitchen?

– Yes!

– In the house or outside?

– In the house!

– Do we have a bathroom?

– Yes!

– Still in the house, okay?

– Yes!

– WC? In the house?

– Yes!

– The fuel used for cooking?

– Gas tank!

– How to heat the house? Do you have a power plant?

– Not!

– Are you warming up at …?

– Stove!


Most citizens are disinterested in the census. However, he takes advantage of the fact that the reviewers are also employees of the City Hall and are looking for answers that really bother them. A woman wanted to know, for example, when the land she had been waiting for … 30 years would be returned to her.

– Do you use solar panels, anything?

– No no!

– Air conditioning?

– Not!

– The surface of the building?

“I don’t know what to say.”

The reporter is curious:

“And what do we do in these cases, Reviewer?”

– We can also check the area at the City Hall. And we update, explains Iulia Bălan.

The woman who was interviewed by the review operator takes advantage of the moment and asks:

– I also have a question, if you still come, about our lands: When do you think we can get them back? That we have been waiting for a very long time.

– Are you referring to Law 18?

– Yes, to Law 18. What do you tell us?

– I do not know. Come to City Hall and we’ll talk. You know it’s a land shortage. We are waiting like you!

– Yes … We will return, says the local woman from Vărăști.

The face-to-face census is addressed exclusively to citizens who did not self-review between March 14 and May 27. According to the authorities, 53.9 percent of the citizens living in the city and 46.1 percent of those living in the country completed the online questionnaire.

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