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Ioan Bogdan Codorean, orthopedic doctor specialized in Sports Traumatology, Doctor of Medicine and one of the most appreciated orthopedic surgeons in Romania and, at the same time, internationally recognized, is the guest of Healthcare Trends, a weekly show on medical topics made by MEDIAFAX in partnership with Banca Transilvania – Division for doctors.

Where do we go wrong when we do sports at home?

Some of those who do sports at home are people who have not done sports before. “And then, if you want to jump over the stages, you look, you’re looking for someone who does 50 push-ups, and if you’ve never done a push-up in your life, of course you’d like to get to that level, so you’re breaking a muscle. Very serious injuries at home are only when you slip in the bathroom or bump into something, except for these sports. (…) And for those who run in parks – there the problem is given by the surface on which you run – on concrete, the fact that many who start sports late do not even know how to run and the fact that they do not have adequate footwear ” , says the doctor.

It shows that those who run for a long time know how to run, have the correct biomechanics, know how to wear shoes, unlike people who “taste” this sport late. “Those who start running after 30-35 years and have not done sports before and do not know how to run, have the wrong running biomechanics and automatically overload their joints.” The doctor also says that we can get injured if we have inadequate footwear, if we do not warm up beforehand.

When and how do you get to the orthopedist? Preventive, before you start sports, but also if you have a pain in the joints, bones or muscles that does not pass in a few days or passes, but when you make an effort it reappears.

Signs of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis means a degeneration of the articular cartilage. The disease occurs in elderly patients, after 55-60 years, due to joint wear, cartilage wear, but also in younger patients, those who have had trauma to the joints, explains the guest.

Most osteoarthritis occurs in the knee and hip. There are post-traumatic osteoarthritis, there are osteoarthritis that occur due to pathologies with which the patient is born or that occur during life, and there are osteoarthritis that occur simply by cartilage wear over time.

“The first sign of osteoarthritis is pain, cramps, cracking of the joints, when you feel something rubbing there, then decreased mobility, swelling of the joint, especially the knee – there is the most common,” says Ioan Bogdan Codorean.

The doctor also discusses arthroplasty, one of the most common surgeries: over 100, 200 surgeries of this kind are performed daily in Romania.

Meniscus rupture, beyond myth

The meniscus has a very important role in the knee, to protect the cartilage, not to cause osteoarthritis, not to destroy it and the secondary role in the stability of the knee. He has several roles, but these are the most important ones, explains the orthopedic doctor Ioan Bogdan Codorean.

The torn meniscus is treated in two ways: “we take it out and we are left without it, and then we have problems, or we sew it to stay with it. The sooner the patient comes to the doctor, the better the chance of sewing. The sooner I sew the meniscus, the better the chance that it will heal. ”

Therefore, when we know that we have a ruptured meniscus, the specialist’s recommendation is that we should not sit like this and wait for it not to hurt, but to go to the orthopedist as soon as possible to save the meniscus and therefore the health of the joint.

How do we work properly in the office?

– Let’s be right, don’t leave it behind,

“Let’s sit with our backs straight,”

– Let’s not sit for hours,

– Let’s get up, move, do some exercise.

Dangerous sports

In terms of the severity of the accidents, the most dangerous is skiing, according to the doctor. The worst accidents can occur here. Then, in terms of the number of injuries, most of them appear in football because they are the most practicing.

Last but not least, as a proportion of accidents in the number of practitioners, handball and basketball, because they are sports that are done on hard surfaces, involve a lot of pivots, twists, jumps.

“When you jump, you have to land, when you land, you can be unbalanced, there is a twist in the knee or ankle and there are serious injuries. Also, these two sports involve both the upper and lower limbs, compared to football, where 99% of injuries are in the lower limbs “, explains the guest.

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