Director of the Romanian Post: Social vouchers will be distributed as soon as we receive them.  To date, I have not received any cards

The Romanian Post will distribute the vouchers as soon as they receive them, and their delivery is made at zero cost, Valentin Ştefan, the general manager of the National Company “Romanian Post”, said on Monday. “To date, I have not received any card,” said the institution’s representative. The process of issuing, distributing and uploading the social vouchers offered through the government program “Support for Romania” should have started on June 1.

“The Romanian Post will distribute the social vouchers as soon as it receives them. This means that, until today, we have not received any card. The stage in which we made sure that the list of beneficiaries corresponds to what is actually happening has been exceeded. We have helped the Ministry of Labor and other state institutions to update their database so that the real beneficiaries of the vouchers can receive them, we deliver somewhere between 600,000 and 800,000 pieces every day, so it is not a challenge for us to deliver 3 millions of cards, we deliver them without any problems, just to get in. The capacity of the Romanian Post is to carry a product to every person in Romania every day. “A problem for us. The Romanian Post delivers these vouchers at zero cost, we do not aim for profitability, but to make sure that we do not lose”, Valentin Ştefan was quoted as saying by Agerpres.

The Ministry of European Investment and Projects (MIPE) recently announced that the process of issuing, distributing and uploading social vouchers offered through the government program “Support for Romania” will start on June 1.

Tickets have a face value of 250 lei

The vouchers have a face value of 250 lei, are intended for people in situations of material deprivation or risk of poverty and are part of the most important initiative of this kind carried out so far from the perspective of the number of beneficiaries.

According to the quoted source, over 2.5 million beneficiaries will receive tickets for the purchase of food products worth 3.1 billion lei. Also, a premiere is represented by the multiple source of financing, both from the state budget and from European non-reimbursable funds through the Operational Program Helping Disadvantaged People (POAD) 2014-2020, as well as from the future programming period 2021-2027, through Social Inclusion and Dignity Operational Program (POIDS).

On the list of over 2.5 million beneficiaries who receive social vouchers, according to GEO no. 63/2002, are: pensioners from the public pension system, pensioners registered in sectoral pension funds and beneficiaries of rights provided by laws of character especially, paid by the territorial pension houses / sectorial pension houses, whose own monthly net incomes are less than or equal to 1,500 lei; persons with a severe, severe or moderate degree of disability, whose own monthly net income is less than or equal to 1,500 lei; families with at least 2 dependent children, whose net monthly income per family member is less than or equal to 600 lei; single-parent families whose net monthly income per family member is less than or equal to 600 lei; families who have established the right to social assistance under the conditions of Law no. 416/2001 regarding the guaranteed minimum income, with the subsequent modifications and completions; homeless people, as they are regulated according to the legal provisions in force.

Social voucher distribution calendar

The voucher distribution schedule provides for their loading every two months, in four installments (June – July, August – September, October – November, December 2022 – January 2023), the MIPE representatives considering that in the middle of July, after evaluating the implementation of the first to adapt the timing of the next installments so that the beneficiaries can use the vouchers for the purchase of hot food and meals as soon as possible.

On May 17, MIPE signed the contracts with the private institutions that won the direct acquisition and will deal with the issuance of the cards: Edenred, Sodexo and UpRomania, the delivery to the beneficiaries being ensured by the National Company “Romanian Post”, with which it was signed ” Convention on the labeling, collection and distribution of electronic vouchers issued on electronic media “on 18 May.

The distribution mechanism provides for three stages, namely the issuance of the cards by the designated units (printing of the beneficiaries’ data and insertion of the CIP), distribution through CN Poşta Română and the loading of the cards.

The six basic foods that can be bought with these vouchers are: bread, potatoes, rice, oil, chicken and eggs.

The government approved, at its meeting on May 9, the measure on social vouchers that will be granted to several categories of people who are at risk of material deprivation and extreme poverty.

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