Ciuca: The government is on schedule with the actions for Romania to benefit from 10 billion euros from PNRR in 2022

The government is on schedule with the actions for Romania to benefit from 10 billion euros from PNRR in 2022, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca gave assurances.

On Monday, the Prime Minister chaired the meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which, according to a statement from the Executive, was the first of its kind after Romania submitted, on May 31, the first payment request to the European Commission .

“The capitalization of the 30 billion euros from PNRR is a coordinated and coherent effort, with well-established boundaries, deadlines and responsibilities for each field. We proved that we managed to operationalize this European financing mechanism in a short and not at all simple period for Romania and to send the first payment request. The pre-financing received, amounting to 3.7 billion euros, added to the first payment request already sent to the European Commission, clearly shows that we are on track to achieve what we set out to do, namely that Romania will benefit from 10 billion euros from PNRR. Next, I will monitor the fulfillment of the PNRR targets, milestones and reforms. I am convinced that the discipline of the work of the government team and the responsibility will continue to guide our activity “, declared Nicolae Ciucă.

The quoted source states that the discussions during the meeting focused on the procedures and measures associated with the submission of the request for payment in the amount of about 3 billion euros, of which about 2 billion euros are non-reimbursable funds and about 1 billion financing in the form of loans. .

“In this regard, the Ministry of Investment and European Projects sent to the coordinating ministries of reform and investment the form approved by the Commission of the Operational Agreement, a document necessary for the implementation of PNRR. Also, the coordinating ministries will implement specific action plans to improve the management and control system related to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, established through consultations at the state institutions, as well as in dialogue between the Government and the European Commission “, the communiqué reads. , according to Agerpres.

At the same time, in the context of the REPowerEU plan, which proposes a set of actions to save energy, diversify sources of supply and speed up Europe’s transition to clean energy, the Committee examined the European Commission’s communication on this subject.

“The guidelines provided to Member States detail and explain how to prepare the chapters dedicated to the REPowerEU plan, focusing on the process of amending existing plans,” the statement said.

The meeting also presented the status of the guidelines for calls for competitive projects in the PNRR, including state aid schemes, for 61 of the 71 projects (85%) with launch deadlines set for 2022.

“The next request for payment from Romania will be sent to the European Commission in the third quarter of 2022 and includes milestones and targets that have a deadline of the first and second quarters of 2022. The value of the second request is over 3.2 billion of which 2.14 billion euros of non-reimbursable funds and over 1 billion of financing in the form of loans “, according to the communiqué.

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