Dream vacation turned into a bloodbath. 4 children and their grandfather were killed in Texas by an escaped drug dealer

Dream vacation turned into a bloodbath.  4 children and their grandfather were killed in Texas by an escaped drug dealer

Mark Collins took his four grandchildren to his farm for a dream vacation. In a few hours, however, he was killed by a drug dealer who had escaped from prison, reports The Guardian.

Collins and his grandchildren Waylon, Karson, Hudson, and Bryson were preparing for their long-awaited vacation — target shooting, boating, and fishing.

Collins knew the authorities were looking for a convicted murderer in the area for a Mexican drug cartel who escaped from prison three weeks ago, but most likely he did not know that the fugitive broke into a neighboring house, according to a family friend. David Crain.

Within hours of their arrival at the farm, Collins and his grandchildren were killed by escaped drug dealer Gonzalo Lopez, 46. He stole weapons, clothes and a truck from the farm before the police shot him more than 350 kilometers away.

Houston police identified Mark Collins, 66, on Friday night; Waylon Collins, 18; Karson Collins, 16; Hudson Collins, 11; and 11-year-old Bryson Collins as the 5 members of the family killed by Lopez.

Waylon, Karson, and Hudson were brothers, and Bryson was their cousin, family pastor Steve Bezner told a news conference.

The boys played football and baseball and went to their grandfather’s farm to hunt, fish, and go boating as soon as they went on vacation.

“What happened to the Collins family leaves you speechless. Even for the strongest, this is very difficult to accept, “said Crain, a family friend.

On May 12, three weeks before the murder, Lopez managed to escape from a bus carrying him to a Texas state prison for a medical checkup. He attacked the bus driver and managed to escape into the woods, although police fired on him.

Hundreds of officers embarked on an extensive search for the detainee, which involved a plane, and authorities offered a $ 50,000 reward for information leading to Lopez’s capture.

The man was serving two life sentences, both for murder. Lopez had links to the La Maña drug cartel in Mexico.

Police also searched the Collins family farm, but found no evidence that the detainee had passed by. Lopez broke into a neighboring property a few days earlier, but it is not known if Mark Collins was aware of it.

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