CTP: Many Romanians who left for the USA are trumpeters, with a ferocious conservatism, they want firearms

The United States has a terrible problem with firearms, which cannot be solved, because there the mentality of owning weapons is too deeply rooted and is present even among Romanians who went to the USA, who mostly become supporters of the former President Donald Trump and a “ferocious” conservatism, says Cristian Tudor Popescu.

“As long as you have a man who has been the president of the United States for 4 years – and he could be again – and this, in the conditions in which children are shot, comes to say to give more weapons to the population, well, Is that the solution? ”CTP wonders indignantly.

Moreover, the journalist says that he receives messages on Facebook about this subject from Romanians living in the United States.

What I find: many of those who left, Romanians who left for the United States, more recently or more recently, are of a conservatism and a rednecks-ism – from the “red neck”, ie fierce republicans, who to consider descendants directly from the Tea Party, from throwing tea into the sea, when the United States War of Independence broke out – Romanians from here, from Romanica, go there. Sir, talk to them, they are all trumpeters – or very many – and defenders of these conservative, right-wing, republican values. What do they say? Mr. Popescu, don’t you realize, sir, do you know why weapons are needed, to have weapons in people, in the United States? Because in this way the government is more reluctant in the measures it takes towards the population!CTP told Digi24.

“I mean, the armed population could attack the government, right?” About what I saw at the Capitol, here, it’s been a year and a half since those individuals invaded there. That’s thinking! Also: we have weapons in the house, we in the family have weapons, it’s good, we defend ourselves with them! ”, Said CTP.

“It’s something I can’t understand in these people’s brains. They don’t look around, they don’t see how many thousands and thousands and thousands of people are dying in the United States shot at the moment – and it’s growing, it’s always growing? ”The journalist asks. “It simply came to our notice then. I don’t know, I don’t live in the United States and I don’t know to the fiber, that’s why I only talked about Romanians who in the United States tell me what they tell me. I don’t know until the last consequence, I should go there to understand why these people want to have weapons that will kill them, their families, their children at school and so on. I don’t understand until the end “, the journalist confessed bitterly.

Romania’s ambassador to the USA, Andrei Muraru, also pointed out, in an interview for Digi24, the same aspect: “I met members of the Romanian community who told me very proudly that they have more weapons and that they are proud of this right to own a weapon, because they feel protected. “said Andrei Muraru commenting on the recent tragedy at a school in Texas, where 19 elementary school students were shot by an 18-year-old.

Editor: Luana Pavaluca

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