Britain is accused of trying to deport minor refugees to Rwanda: "14-year-olds are estimated to be 23"

Charities have identified what they describe as a “worrying pattern“Children classified as adults by the Ministry of the Interior ‘s age assessments raise fears that they could be among those who will be deported 6,500 km to Rwanda,” writes The Guardian.

A person who stated that he was under the age of 18 was detained pending possible deportation to Rwanda and was released only at the end of May, following the intervention of lawyers.

Two other of the 70 asylum seekers identified by a charity as being warned of imminent deportation and currently in detention centers for immigrants say they are 16, but their age is disputed by the Interior Ministry.

“We have two age-related appeals, but the Interior Ministry has continued to issue removal notices,” said Clare Moseley, founder of Care4Calais, which supports the 70, and said legal appeals have been launched to help protect children.

Daniel Sohege, director of Love146 UK, said: “We see children only 14 years old who are incorrectly assessed as 23 years old. The number of children I have seen who have just passed the 1999 birth date, when they are clearly under 18, is extremely worrying and endangers young people.“.

Last week, Interior Minister Priti Patel announced that the first deportation flight to Rwanda would leave on June 14, although lawyers believe it was unlikely that this would happen due to legal appeals against the controversial measure.

Some believe that June 14 was chosen simply because it comes less than a week before Boris Johnson arrives in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, for a meeting of Commonwealth heads of government, where he hopes to highlight the success of his plan. deportation to Rwanda.

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