Romania needs to change its Labor Code.  Marius Budai: "Legislative initiative to be tabled in Parliament next week"

Romania must scomplicated amend the Labor Code until August 1, 2022, because otherwise riska o infringement proceedings by the European Commission. Employers will be required to provide, signed up, more information than at present about employment relationships or to reduce the probationary period of employees.

“There are, in fact, two European directives that we need to transpose into the Labor Code. In proportion of 40 percent, the provisions of these two directives are already found in the Romanian Labor Code. There are two directives that were finalized during the period when Romania held the presidency of the Council of the European Union. One of them, Directive 1152/2019, aims to protect workers’ rights and improve working conditions and Directive 1158, also from 2019, provides for the balance between the professional and private guild of parents and carers. These are two extremely important directives, as the first in practice ensures the transparency of working conditions and better information of workers on future working conditions and wages, and the second in practice ensures a work-life balance for both carers and and
parents “, explained on Saturday, at Digi24, the Minister of Labor, Marius Budai.

“In the first phase, we need to make sure that we provide employees with a package of up-to-date and extensive information on the conditions of
work and pay, as the directive provides, and we create in this practice new minimum rights, such as the right to greater visibility, stable of workers or to
receive a written answer or the rights to compulsory professional training, by deducting from the salary the expenses. We can also introduce the employment contract with the part-time program. It is already a provision that is in the Romanian Labor Code and also the introduction of the right to caregiver leave and the granting of a paternity leave with a duration of at least 10 days “, the Minister of Labor detailed.

He specified that the legislative initiative will be submitted to the Parliament next week, and by the end of the session it will pass the first notified chamber. “We will make a progress report to the European Commission and in September, in the first session, it will also pass the Chamber of Deputies, as there is no risk of infringement until then”, Marius Budai assured.

Minister of Labor: Employee incomes must increase

Asked what other changes are being taken into account to increase the quality of life of employees in Romania, the minister said that “first and foremost” is about income, which must increase. “We are talking, now I am in Geneva, at the International Labor Organization. I had a discussion today with the social partners in Romania, with unions and employers. We are thinking of implementing first of all, by the end of the year, the law of social dialogue, which will ensure an honest social dialogue, in both directions, between employee and employer. After that, of course, we need to come up with measures to support the private sector, in order to be able to increase the income of the private sector workers “, the minister declared.

Asked what these support measures would be, the minister said that these are the ones he promoted in his old term – apprenticeship, encouraging the employment of workers over 50, support for the employment of workers aged 16 to 29 for years, work grants for the private sector or measures to increase the minimum wage with lower taxation.

“We are in a delicate situation and we must take balanced measures, to (be careful) out of the desire to do better, not to spoil,” said Marius Budai.

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