Klaus Iohannis, Cancer Survivor's Day Message: Healthcare Needs Consistent Reform

The Romanian health system needs a “consistent reform” and a change of approach, which should put the patient in the center of attention, says President Klaus Iohannis in a message sent on Saturday at the National Conference of the Federation of Cancer Associations. Sunday will mark the first National Cancer Survivors Day, established by law on the first Sunday in June.

“The celebration of Cancer Survivor Day for the first time in Romania is largely due to the efforts of civil society, and implicitly you, the Federation of Associations of Cancer Patients. I have decided to give High Patronage to this year’s edition of the National Conference in recognition of the actions you have taken to improve the quality of life of patients “reads the message of the President, presented by Diana-Loreta Păun, Presidential Adviser in the Department of Public Health.

The head of state also pointed out that cancer patients suffer, in addition to the disease, also due to the “fragmentary policies” in the field and states that the health system must be reformed in order to put the patient at the center of the medical act.

“I have argued many times that the health care system needs a consistent reform and a paradigm shift that really assumes the patient at the center of the approach.

The burden of cancer is, unfortunately, also a consequence of the lack of a long-term unitary vision, the superficiality of investments and fragmented policies. These problems, which have been going on for decades, are not solved by themselves, they need the sustained commitment of all those who have responsibilities in this field “, said Klaus Iohannis, adding that progress has been made in the fight against this disease.

“I am pleased to note that Romania has recently made significant progress in the fight against cancer, taking on a unified vision for improving access to diagnosis and treatment and bridging gaps in patient care by launching the National Cancer Plan.

These days, the series of events held under the umbrella of Cancer Survivor Day completes a range of initiatives that aim to reduce the pressure of this disease on the health system and contribute to creating a healthier society.

The role of civil society is extremely important in the success of this endeavor, and the organization of the Conference is an example of mutual support, solidarity and consensus around goals that unite us. It is essential that such good practices be extended and replicated, as their promotion certainly leads to improved results.

The real change is human-generated, and I believe that the life experience and strength of cancer survivors are inspiring for all of us, ”the president’s message reads.

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