CTP: Romania's failure to accept the eurozone, a protection operation!

It is very good that Romania is not accepted in the euro area, since it does not meet the accession criteria, because otherwise, there could be serious consequences, draws the attention of the journalist Cristian Tudor Popescu. He emphasizes that this is not a disadvantage for Romania, it is not a corner of the EU and recalls the examples of Greece and Portugal.

“In the euro, I saw this scoundrel falling on the screen: Romania simply does not meet any criteria for entering the eurozone. What can you say? That’s all: this is not a disadvantage of Romania, this is not a corner of Romania’s EU, it is a protection operation! Because if you enter the eurozone without fulfilling those criteria, which are said out there, which are related, for example, to fiscal stability – Romania where, once every two days, we hear that the progressive tax is coming or the single quota remains or in fact , we will do something half-and-half, VAT and so on – and many other economic and financial requirements without which, if you go there, two things happen:

1. Your economy can be crushed. The Romanian economy can be crushed if it enters the eurozone unprepared and

2. Conversely, it can infect the eurozone if it enters it unprepared. And we have examples here, Portugal and Greece, which at one point did just that, practically infected the eurozone.

So, this speech that looks like they don’t receive us in the euro area, that they hate Romanians, is absurd. It is very good that they do not receive us, because there could be very serious consequences “, commented CTP, on Friday evening, at Digi24.

On the other hand, the journalist points out that in the case of joining Schengen, things are completely different: “It is not the same situation as in Schengen! In my opinion, at the moment – of course, Romania is not perfect, it is not perfect from the point of view of justice, still with MCVs – but at least securing the borders and the fact that we are here, on the edge of the tiger, would in my opinion, we need to enter the Schengen area. But in euros – no! ”, Pointed out CTP.

He also explained why Bulgaria is in a better position than Romania in terms of the euro: “That Bulgaria is on the list before us to enter? Let’s ask ourselves who’s to blame! Do you know what Bulgaria went through? At one point, Bulgaria also went through the Monetary Council. Monetary Council means that you no longer have the right to control your national currency. The currency, the Bulgarian lev, was controlled by a Monetary Council appointed by the European Union. So, practically, the central bank of Bulgaria had no more power. He was in this situation too. So, Bulgaria had worse situations than us, it went lower from the economic-financial point of view, but it seems that they strengthened it and now it is before us “, said Cristian Tudor Popescu.

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