Bucharest City Hall will pay the debt to the Constanda family in installments, for a period of 50 months

The general mayor, Nicuşor Dan, announces that on behalf of the Capital City Hall he signed an agreement with the Constanda family to solve the problem of the debt of about 125 million euros that the municipality has, by staggering it for a period of 50 months.

“On behalf of the City Hall, we signed an agreement with the Constanda family to solve the debt problem of about 125 million euros that the municipality has, according to the final court decision of previous years. The agreement provides for the staggering of the amount due over a period of 50 “On Monday, with monthly payments until the entire debt is settled, it is very important to stipulate that the accounts of the General City Hall will not be blocked in any form during the agreement”, the mayor writes on Facebook.

He notes that this is the final point of the negotiations for more than a year, in which an important role was played by the “Constanda” Commission in the mayor’s office, which had several meetings dedicated to finding solutions to this problem – both internal meetings , as well as with the family or lawyers of the Constanda family.

“I would also like to emphasize that this is the last debt rescheduling in a series of reschedulings that I have been forced to make since I took office, to get PMB back on track financially and to restore its credibility to the market. financial-banking.

I remind you that we had negotiations after which we managed to stagger several debts left by the Firea administration and I mention here only four of them: STB debt to ANAF, municipality debt for Otokar buses bought and unpaid, debt for bus stations, debt for holiday lighting 2020-2021 (also started during the Firea period) “, added Nicuşor Dan.

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The story of Constanda’s business

Businessman Costel Constanda sued the City Hall 12 years ago, accusing him of failing to honor the contract that saved Bordei Park from being transformed into a real estate complex.

The story of Costel Constanda’s business began almost two decades ago, when he obtained in court about 3 hectares of land in the French Village, a residential area in the north of the Capital. The Capital City Hall, which owned several buildings built there, offered him, in return, the same area of ​​land in Bordei Park. Becoming the owner of part of the park, the businessman wanted to develop a real estate project there.

The businessman was not allowed to build in Bordei Park and sued the City Hall. He won 18 million euros in damages. The municipality did not want to pay, so it reached a new compromise with Costica Constanda: it offered him land in the French Village.

On the land received in exchange, there were several villas. The businessman intended to demolish them and build other houses in their place, which he would sell. But his plans were turned upside down: the general councilors did not approve of his work.

A month ago, Nicușor Dan said that the Bucharest City Hall (PMB) has blocked accounts for investments, in the dispute with the businessman Costică Constanda. He said that the total amount of payment that the City Hall owes to the businessman as a result of a court sentence is 120 million euros and that he has discussions with the Constanda family to pay it in monthly installments.

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