Sculptură la puterea 3
Exhibition Laurențiu Mogoșanu, Mircea Roman, Aurel Vlad at the “George Apostu” Museum of Contemporary Art within the “George Apostu” Culture Center

We are very pleased to announce that on Friday, June 10, 2022, at 17:00, at the Museum of Contemporary Art “George Apostu” within the Center of Culture “George Apostu” in Bacau, will take place the opening of the exhibition “Signed by Laurențiu Mogoșanu, Mircea Roman, Aurel Vlad”. Gheorghe Geo Popa, general director of the “George Apostu” Culture Center, and Maria Pașc, curator of the exhibition, will speak at the opening. During the exhibition, video testimonies of the sculptors will be presented in their creative spaces by Ovidiu Ungureanu and the Chromatique Studio team.

About the exhibition “Sculpture at the power of 3” the curator of the exhibition, Maria Pașc, notes:

“It could be said that the exhibition” Sculpture at the power of 3 “is the natural consequence of the recently published volume” Talking to Laurențiu Mogoșanu, Mircea Roman, Aurel Vlad “. The exhibition brings together the works of the protagonists of this volume, which presents for the first time together the three sculptors, important names in the field of Romanian contemporary art. These are the facts, but not all. Cătălin Davidescu, art historian and critic, launched the question: What brings the three sculptors together, with such different styles, in the same volume? And the answer, handy, justified, academic, erupted: “It’s research. The approach was to map the creative spaces in which the three artists worked over time. A study that aims to highlight the importance of the workshop in contemporary artistic creation “. What is the common denominator? It’s hard to name him, but it’s impossible not to recognize him. As soon as you step into their workshops, you hear the same sound, definitive and ample, at the same time able to radiate long echoes. The three sculptors have a robust sound, the audacity of great deeds. Everything is in the hands of the three artists, not only the sculptures, but also their workshops, their biographies. The setting of their creative spaces urges you to be silent, it is an atmosphere with an emphasis on gravity. In their workshops, Bourdelle’s words are religiously updated: “Sculpture is a terrible yet ineffable art.” You feel that force which is the sign of deep vocations in sculpture. In their workshops, there are generous inner presences that incorporate the breath of the present. Laurențiu Mogoșanu, Mircea Roman, Aurel Vlad, all three are serious to the point of tenderness. A density of life that makes the purity energetic, not fragile translucent. They are well-established people in life and in their profession, they are not case studies, they are role models. I do what I do in the spirit of dedication to an embodied ideal. Serious without abuse of sobriety, they can arouse admiration, curiosity, perplexity and love. They are friends, a fruitful road, a rare alliance. This exhibition is a success, beyond the success of each sculptor being a victory of the community spirit born between people with similar joys and sufferings, very different, in fact, but who understand that being together is the fulfillment of one of the deepest, eternal human aspirations: solidarity. ”
Maria Pașc, Bucharest, May 30, 2022

The exhibition “Sculpture at Power 3” can be visited between June 10 and July 10, 2022 at the Museum of Contemporary Art “George Apostu” within the Center of Culture “George Apostu”, respecting the opening hours of the museum institution.

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