Festivalul Euroregional de Teatru TESZT
The thirteenth TESZT Euroregional Theater Festival starts tomorrow, May 22, 2022, with the show Forte in Budapest – “Bloody Short Ballads”, inspired by the short prose of the Hungarian writer Ady Endre.

A super-production of the host theater, the Hungarian State Theater Csiky Gergely Timișoara, the show “Tragedia omului”, by Madách Imre, directed by Silviu Purcărete, will follow from 20:00, and at 23:00 the first event of the series boostTESZT13 concerts, the jazz concert of the Lukács Miklós Cimbiosis trio. TESZT events take place outdoors (the garrison courtyard and the Iosefin neighborhood), in the Franciscan Studio, in the halls of the Hungarian Theater, in the Great Hall of the National Theater and in the Painting Workshop in the Palace of Culture, which has been redesigned as a special performance space festival.

Outdoor performances open every day of the festival on May 23-28. In addition to the Timișoara troupe Unfold Motion (“Je suis Giselle”), the Basque Theater (“Animal crossing”), with free access, the independent company Arte-Factum (“dosztoievskij b @ r / reopening”, access only by reservation) and the co-production of the Theater Hungarian with Civic Culture and the Diogenes Association (“Parallel City”), Extensia-TESZT brings two Italian productions per capita: “One Breath” takes place in motion, on the street, and is a physical rapprochement of ourselves and other people through dance , and the super-production “Moby Dick” – Teatro dei Venti promises a show with a spectacular architecture in the Opera Square.

A distinctive element of the festival is the series of meetings with the artists after the performances. At the end of each day of the festival, spectators are invited to stay in the foyer of the Hungarian Theater to listen to talks moderated by Kovács Bálint, a cultural journalist from Budapest, with the protagonists of the performances and theater people present at the festival. Simultaneous headset translation will be in Romanian, Hungarian, English, and viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the directors and actors of the day’s program. On the famous blue sofa in the foyer of the Hungarian Theater, directors and choreographers Horváth Csaba (May 22), Adrian Sitaru, Lavinia Urcan (May 23), Kristóf Szabó (May 24), Josef Nadj (May 25), Lee Delong, Kocsárdi Levente will be present. (May 26), Ivo Dimchev, Urbán András, Victor Dragoș (May 27), Stefano Tè, Marco Chenevier (May 28), Tomi Janežič and Szikszai Rémusz (May 29).

TESZT (May 22-29, 2022) brings together 24 shows produced in the last three years in Europe, all of which have been translated into Romanian, Hungarian and English. The official opening of the festival will take place in the foyer of the Hungarian Theater, on Sunday, May 22, from 16:30. Tickets cost 50 lei, respectively 25 lei for concerts, and can be picked up at the theater (open all day during TESZT) or on tm-t.biletmaster.ro

The TESZT Euroregional Festival is an event organized by the Hungarian State Theater Csiky Gergely Timișoara and funded by the Timișoara City Hall.

May 22nd

17:00, Painting workshop
Compania Forte – Lukács Miklós Cimbiosis Trio – Teatrul “Pannon Várszínház” (HU)
Bloody short ballads
Directed by Horváth Csaba
1h30 ‘

20:00, Great Hall
Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theater Timisoara (RO)
The tragedy of man
Directed by Silviu Purcărete
1:55 ‘

23:00, Painting workshop
Lukács Miklós Cimbiosis Trio (HU)
Jazz concert

May 23

17:00, Garrison Court
Unfold Motion Timisoara (RO)
I’m Giselle
Choreography: Lavinia Urcan
40 ‘
Free access

18:00, Foyer
Book launch: The tragedy of man, volume edited by András Visky, 2020

19:00, Great Hall
Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theater Timisoara (RO)
The man who could only speak what he read
Directed by Adrian Sitaru
1:50 ‘

21:00, Painting workshop
Bitola National Theater (MK)
History of Motherfuckers
Directed by Urbán András
1h30 ‘

May 24

14:00, Iosefin neighborhood
CiviCultura, Diogene Cultural Association, Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theater Timisoara (RO)
The parallel city – the pink route and the blue route
Directed by Ana Mărgineanu
Free access by reservation
1h30 ‘

18:00, Great Hall
Zenica National Bosnian Theater – Bosnia and Herzegovina Theater Festival 2021 (BIH)
Seven fears
Directed by Selma Spahić
2h30 ‘, a break

20:30, Sala Mare TNT
Compagnie Maguy Marin – Maison des Arts et de la Culture Créteil (FR)
May B
Choreography: Maguy Marin
1h30 ‘

22:00, Painting workshop
Kristóf Szabó FACE Dance Visual Performing Arts (DE)
Directed by Kristóf Szabó
60 ‘

May 25

14:00, Iosefin neighborhood
CiviCultura, Diogene Cultural Association, Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theater Timisoara (RO)
The parallel city – the pink route and the blue route
Directed by Ana Mărgineanu
Free access by reservation
1h30 ‘

16:00, Great Hall
German State Theater Timisoara (RO)
Leonce and Lena
Directed by Niky Wolcz
1h30 ‘

18:00, Painting workshop
Workshop 3 + 1 (FR)
Choreography: Josef Nadj
55 ‘

20:00, Great Hall
Zagreb Youth Theater (CRO)
Eichmann in Jerusalem
Directed by Jernej Lorenci
3:30 ‘, a break

May 26

17:00, Timiș Culture and Art Center
Independent company Arte-Factum Timișoara (RO)
dosztoievskij b @ r / reopening
Directed by Kocsàrdi Levente
Exclusive access by reservation
2h50 ‘, a break

20:00, Great Hall
Empty Floor
Concept and choreography: Walter Matteini, Ina Broeckx
70 ‘

9:30 p.m., Painting Workshop
Artistic Group (CRO)
Funny Mystery
Directed by Lee Delong
75 ‘

May 27

16:00, Garrison Court
Basque Theater Timisoara (RO)
Animal crossing
Directed by Victor Dragoș
50 ‘
Free access

18:00, Painting workshop
Kosztolányi Dezső Subotica Theater (SRB)
The Knights of the Horned Lady: Subotica’s union gala operetta
Directed by Urbán András

21:00, National Museum of Art
Ivo Dimchev (BG)
Concept: Ivo Dimchev
50 ‘

May 28

18:00, Liberty Square
The 3 Feathers (FR)
One breath
Concept: Marco Augusto Chenevier
Free access

20:00, Opera Square
Teatro dei Venti Modena (ITA)
Moby Dick
Directed by Stefano Tè
50 ‘
Free access

22:00, Painting workshop
Vrooom (SRB)
Rock concert
80 ‘

May 29

11:00, Great Hall and Studio Hall
Ljubljana Youth Theater (SLO)
no title yet
Directed by: Tomi Janežič
10am, four breaks

21:00, Painting workshop
Szkéné Theater – Vádli Occasional Theater Association (HU)
Richard III forbids it
Directed by Szikszai Rémusz

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