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Although many people believe that the annual visit to the doctor for a routine check-up is enough to prevent this disease, many types of cancer are difficult to detect in the early stages.

Obviously, eating foods rich in nutrients, knowing your family history and playing sports are great ways to prevent many types of cancer. If we also know what signs and symptoms we need to pay attention to, we can save many lives.

That being said, which type of cancer is the most difficult to detect in the early stages?

The most difficult type of cancer to detect

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

According to the American Cancer Society, pancreatic cancer is considered by many experts to be the most difficult to diagnose because many patients have no symptoms, pain or discomfort in the early stages of the disease.

The pancreas is a small organ located in the abdomen, which helps digest food and helps secrete hormones that help maintain an adequate level of sugar in the blood. In Romania, this disease accounts for just over one percent of all cancers, but usually has a higher mortality rate than others.

Kidney cancer is also difficult to detect

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Another type of cancer that is difficult to detect is kidney cancer, which is so rare that we barely hear about it. If diagnosed early, the chances of successful treatment increase considerably, but if the disease progresses, the survival rate drops sharply.

What makes things worse for kidney cancer is that there are often no warning signs. As with pancreatic cancer, the big problem with diagnosing kidney cancer is the lack of signs that can be easily identified by oncologists.

However, some people with this condition may have a fever, rapid weight loss, and fatigue, but most patients do not have any symptoms until the cancer has reached an advanced and more complicated stage to treat.

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Despite all the difficulties in diagnosing certain types of cancer, it is important to note that, fortunately, more and more new technologies (such as molecular biology tests) have emerged that can improve early detection rates for tumors that past, they were difficult to detect.

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