Everything you need to know about the great artists of our history

Tot ce trebuie sa stii despre marii artisti ai istoriei noastre
Throughout history, from the earliest dates of the great enlightened minds, many of these people have been considered long before the age in which they lived, always thinking about the future and trying to introduce new notions and information that others may have. can be used to create a better and more modern society. However, there are always those who oppose the changes and in this sense, they can do everything possible to avoid this.

As far as art is concerned, a field as fascinating as it is incomprehensible, many artists and their works were either brought to the heights of glory, or denigrated, denied and wanted to eliminate them, by various methods, legal and illegal. And even if in the past there were not so many institutions and people who could regulate an artist and impose certain rules that would be respected by all. There are many works of art, both paintings and drawings, made both as a passion by the great artists of history and exclusively for someone in particular.

As today, many of the most established artists in history have used art as a source of income, and so we can say that in addition to the works created separately, they also offered their services to those who wanted it. Both examples, or rather, works of both categories have received over the years both positive and negative opinions from critics but also from simple people who wanted to express their opinion in this regard. But in order to create a truly solid opinion, accurate and clear information is needed, which is difficult to obtain, painting being even now an art misunderstood by many people and only a few of those passionate about it manage to reach a level at which they can be recognized.

Once a certain level of notoriety is reached, any person attracts not only allies but also enemies, enemies, those who will always be against what that person says and does. This has always happened in the case of many great artists of our history, from DaVinci to Picasso. As each of them had different styles, such as nature, daily routine, daily life, human condition and so on, some drawings, paintings or sketches were not to the liking of certain people, they were considered obscene, vulgar, disturbing for a certain category. and the reasons may continue.

From one example to another, numerous art scandals that have taken place throughout history can be named, which can be found in the edition entitled The great scandals in painting – Gerard Denizeau, which can be found at a very good price at Donaris Bookstore. In this volume you can find information that few art lovers know, both about the personal life of many great established artists and about his works and the difficulties they faced in trying to offer the world some of the most appreciated works. existing today.

As in the case of writers or sculptors, today’s specialists are still trying to figure out what their creations really express, what they mean, what feelings come out of it, and so on. In most cases we can adapt this to what we feel or consider more appropriate. There are, of course, their testimonies, preserved in time orally or in writing, through official or unofficial documents, in which some of them speak, in large or in detail, about certain of their creations.

This can give us a better perspective on their way of thinking, what they want to express and show to the world. All this information along with many others can be found in the volume mentioned above along with various illustrations and examples, through which readers can better understand all the aspects explained. Here are present some of the greatest artists and lesser known people but whose “scandals” have managed to stand out throughout history by their gravity or magnitude but also by the comic created, in some cases.

Of course, with such a broad thinking, behavioral disorders can occur, a different view of the world also means a different approach to certain aspects and thus, the fact that someone is different from them and thinks at a higher or purer level. just different, it can be annoying for many people. In this way, many accusations were made against those mentioned in the volume offered by this bookstore, explained in detail, from the beginning to their end, by the author.

Many of the most famous paintings undoubtedly hide aspects that are difficult for specialists to discover, some even by chance. The fact that they could be included so easily, practically in plain sight, is at once fascinating as well as worrying or disturbing to some, suggesting that those who created them may belong to certain communities, have certain beliefs or certain approaches to life, society and other aspects of interest to everyday man.

There are many things that can be said about an individual through what he does, says, or creates and offers to others.

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